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Christmas comes but once a year

Christmas only happens once a year, guys, and we should treat it as a special time by being good to others and by indulging ourselves!  So why not putting Bikershot The Book under the Christmas tree?


The standard edition is available from Amazon.  Wherever you are in the world (also in US), just connect with one of those five platforms to order your copy:,,, or

And there are still available a few copies of the Collector’s Edition! It is offered in an exclusive embossed linen fabric slipcase matching the book cover. It also includes an original print signed and numbered, to be chosen from four different options.  Just have a look at this dedicated website to know more.

4 pics

But, hey, would you prefer another picture?  Would you like to own your very exclusive personalised copy?  Everything is possible, just contact us or send an email to and we will find the best solution for you.

A big thank you to the guys who sent me their selfies with the book.  Here are some of them…


Best wishes!

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